Its’s that time of year! Performance review season.  Whether you have 5 reviews to write or 80, consider these suggestions to help you write an accurate, thoughtful and well-delivered performance review to each member of your team.


  1. Ask your direct reports for input! How do they view their annual performance?  How would they evaluate and measure 2016 successes as well as areas for improvement?  Send them a copy of the FPR and ask them to complete the employee feedback section for goals.  Ask them to include examples that represent their performance in the Fairview behaviors as well.
  2. Set time aside on your calendar now to write reviews!  Make sure your calendar is blocked for this time and allow more time than you think you will need.
  3. For your strong performers, remember to be positive and highlight strengths as well as achievements. They also expect low performance issues on a team to get addressed. Tackling these tough conversations can be challenging, yet the overall team benefits in the long run.
  4. Remove the ‘mystery” and anxiety that FPR’s can bring: Send the completed FPR document to your direct report the day before their FPR meeting to allow them time to review and come to the meeting to talk about the highlights.
  5. Look ahead: Most of us seek opportunities for personal and professional growth while supporting the organization’s success. What does that look like for each individual on your team?  Allow time to discuss during the performance review meeting.

Finally, don’t forget a simple thank you to each employee for their contributions and efforts in 2016.

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