Change Management

Find support as you lead change. 

We got you. We want our leaders to have the skills, support, and confidence to make transformational changes. Our framework of tools and processes can help you proactively manage change and help our organization become more agile and better equipped to sustain change.


Successfully Leading Change Webinar

Leaders will learn about the roles they play in leading change.

How can I navigate change as a leader?

Whether you’re preparing for a large scale or small scale change, you need to plan for the personal impact of the change just as much as you plan the technical or process change.

We have resources that help leaders understand our approach to change, make a plan for change, lead change implementation, and develop your change leadership skills.

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Understand Our Approach

Discover our change framework to help you proactively manage change and help our organization become better equipped to sustain change

These two On-Demand eLearning courses developed for our organization will walk you through our Organizational Change Management approach using the ADKAR model. 

Organizational Change Management Course

This module introduces what Organizational Change Management is and describes M Health Fairview’s approach to proactively managing change in order to help employees successfully adopt – and sustain – change

Introducing ADKAR for Change Course

Learn how the ADKAR model can help people move through change, and learn how to apply ADKAR to changes you’re currently experiencing in your life and/or work.

Make a plan to support your team

Create a plan to consider how the change will impact individuals differently using these resources.

Planning for Change Self-Directed Learning Series

Take a deep dive into how to use the Organizational Change Management Workbook with this series of self-directed courses. 

The Organizational Change Workbook helps leaders ensure they are focused on moving change forward for their teams. The series will take learners through a case study project using the OCM Workbook.

Before your implement a change, take some time to plan your approach using these tools.

Organizational Change Management Workbook: This workbook is a comprehensive resource for leader to use to ensure they are focused on moving change forward through their own behaviors and by influencing team members. Adapt this form as needed to meet your team’s needs. You can use this for all changes, but it’s especially useful for large scale changes.

(Check out the Planning for Change Self-Directed Learning Series on the other tab for guidance on how to use the workbook.)

Using CLARC to Support Change Leader Resource Guide: This tool can help you quickly plan how to support your team through a change using the CLARC model. CLARC describes the five roles leaders play in leading their employees through change. This exercise will provide you with a base plan to bring to changes of all sizes.

Communication Plan Template: Use this template to help you plan communication strategies for change.

Effective Message Map: Use this tool to help you write or share messaging about a change.


Lead Your Team Through Change

Use these tools to help you work with your team as you implement change.

Driving Change Summary Guide
Learn about your role as a leader in driving change compared to your team members experiencing the change.

Team Goal Setting Following a Change
Leaders can use this guide with their team as they embark on creating and accomplishing shared, collaborative goals.

Redirecting Complaints
The purpose of this resource is to help a leader reframe a team member’s complaint or concern to uncover deeper insights around them.

Processing Change Through Insights Tool

If your team has completed Insights Discovery, this handout can help you understand how your team will react to change based on an individual’s color engery.

Team Assessment Tools

An important part of change leadership is continuously checking in with your team to assess how they’re dealing with the change. Check out these tools to help you check in with your team.

Adaptability Guide
This handout is a resource for leaders to use when they follow up with team members about their adaptability
development during a change.

Disruptive Outlier Guide
It’s normal to have a range of reactions when confronted with change. Use this tool to help assess whether a team member’s behavior has crossed the line.

Stress Assessment
This tool helps you identify your default
stress reaction, so you can recognize it and react productively.

Visit our System Leader Rounding Resources

Leverage rounding with your team to communicate change and gather reactions to change. Visit our Rounding resources on the intranet for more information.

Develop Your Change Leadership Skills

Become a stronger change leader and take advantage of our change education resources.

Change One Point Lessons

One Point Lessons are short, one-page documents that help you sharpen skills by communicating information about a specific topic just-in-time to improve team performance. Sharpen your change leadership skills with these lessons. 

Building Trust During Change (PDF)

Trust makes high performing teams possible. Every change to a team provides the opportunity to build and reinforce trust

Communicating Change (PDF)

Learn how to prepare and stay focused on critical questions related to communicating about a change by providing a greater awareness around it.

Emotional Reactions During Change (PDF)

Learn how leaders help their employees through the change cycle from beginning to sustainment of the change.

Proactively Managing Resistance (PDF)

It’s best to have a plan for how to handle resistance before you experience it. The goal with managing resistance is to minimize the disruption that resistance can cause during a change process.

Reinforcing Positive Behaviors (PDF)

Guide individuals toward the future state by reinforcing the required behaviors needed to thrive there.

Change Self-Directed Learning

Explore the online courses listed below to learn more about change. Use the Reflection and Action Guide to plan how to include what you’ve learned into practice.

Use this reflection guide with your on-demand course to put your learning into practice.

ADAPT to Change: 10 minutes

ADAPT to Change is a course designed to help learners confronted with challenging changes to use a positive attitude and strategy to adapt and thrive. Learn to ADAPT to help make difficulties easier to manage. In this course, psychologist Eve Ash shows that practicing skills of adaptation is a better way for managing reactions to change. 

Launch Course

Courageous Change: Succeeding in a Changing World: 30 minutes

Are you finding it challenging to overcome obstacles? Can you persevere during times of trial and difficulty? Almost every instance of leadership that pushes us toward progress involves change. This new eLearning course geared towards managers helps learners quickly understand and respond change in the workplace via the ACTION model. 

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Agility in Times of Change: Succeeding in a Changing World: 15 minutes

Leaders must focus on developing their ability to be more agile and strategic – within an environment of constant change. They should explore tools that can be leveraged to achieve the goal. Good agile leaders make sure that their teams identify the desired long-term goals, and then work backward from these to identify all the conditions that must be in place for the goals to occur.

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Change Management: Managing Change: 50 minutes

Discover a tactical approach to successfully lead your organization through periods of change with this insightful course covering effective change management strategies. You’ll learn how to build a practical plan for change and focus on the internal and psychological transition factors to minimize disruption to productivity and employee resistance. By the end of the course, you will know how to institute a results-oriented approach to maintain momentum and see changes through to a satisfactory conclusion.

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Change Community of Practice

The purpose of the Organizational Change Community of Practice (CoP) is to build a network of change practitioners throughout the organization.  This group meets every other month.

Learn more about the Change Community of Practice

Are you interested in attending the Change CoP?

Attend Change CoP meetings to:

  • Gain skills to be more effective change practitioners, supporters and change owners
  • Spend focused time applying skills and tools to actual changes
  • Build competencies that will deliver real results to the organization
  • Learn from one another in peer-to-peer relationship
  • Contribute to the strengthening of M Health Fairview’s organizational change capabilities

As a member of the CoP bring to each meeting:

  • A deeper interest about how to plan for, support, implement and sustain change
  • An open mind
  • An understanding of our organization’s approach to change 
  • Ideas and additional resources and tools that lend themselves to a chance conversation
  • Willingness to be a change advocate and early adopter

Successfully Leading Change Webinar

Leaders can attend this instructor led webinar to learn about the roles they play to lead change with their teams.