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A contract is a legally binding written agreement with an outside party for goods, services or other benefits. It usually, but may not always, involve compensation.

Contracts are important because they are legally-binding documents. If you assume a role at Fairview and there are contracts associated with that role, you are responsible for the management of those agreements even if you are not the person who initiated the contract.

It is important that contracts have the appropriate Fairview signature. Depending on the contract, that may be a member of the Board of Directors or CEO. To learn more about who has authority to sign Fairview contracts, review the Signature Authority policy.

All contract requests at Fairview should be processed through and all fully executed agreements have to be uploaded to Peoplesoft.

When Protected Health Information (PHI) data is shared with a third party, the Business Associate Agreement has to be completed prior to sharing data.

Before sourcing for vendors, a Request for Proposal (RFP) process is required for purchased consulting and clinical services contracts more than $250,000 (per Contractual Agreements and Purchased Service Expenditure policy).

Contract Management is a module within Peoplesoft to allow Fairview employees the ability to request contracts, upload documents, and track contract status.

Types of Contracts

Consulting Services- Professional Services

Consulting Services are services provided by third parties in the nature of consulting services involving specialized or creative expertise provided on a temporary, time limited or intermittent basis. Generally, these services result in professional opinions, reports and advice or process improvement. Examples:  process improvements – data analytics – legal consult

Facilities - New Construction, Department Moves

System Operations is responsible for Fairview’s facilities and related project & construction management agreements. Examples may include new construction or a department move to another building. For more information on moves, click HERE or contact Fairview Real Estate.

Human Resources - Academic Affiliation, Contingent Staffing, HR Miscellaneous

Human Resources contracts include: Academic Affiliation Agreements are legal contracts between Fairview and a college or university (that define legal roles, responsibilities and obligations) to provide students with a positive learning experience within Fairview. For additional information, click HERE or contact Human Resources. Contingent Staffing Agreements are used to manage 3rd party vendor contracts and relationships to assist with providing temporary workforce coverage in areas such as nursing, allied health, and non-clinical. For additional information, click HERE or contact Human Resources. HR Miscellaneous Approved Contracts are agreements with vendors or specialized services in various Fairview departments, service lines or specific entities. For additional information, click HERE or contact Human Resources.

Information Technology/Supply Chain - IT, IS Equipment and Services

IT Contracting include: IS system implementation services assistance in information systems planning (fees paid for professional opinions, advice or services) project implementation support IS software licensing and installation negotiation of Software and Hardware contracts other third party IS technical assistance as needed on a temporary, time limited or intermittent basis

Legal (Physician Contracts) - Medical Directors, Physicians, Physician Groups

A Physician Contract is any contract with an individual physician, physician-owned entity, or any organization that employs physicians and bills government payers for professional services, regardless of what the contract is for. For example: A contract with Twin Cities Orthopedics to provide paperclips to a Fairview location is a physician contract because Twin Cities Orthopedics is a physician-owned entity. A contract with Allina to provide an RN to a Fairview location is a physician contract because Allina employs physicians and bills government payers. Physician Contracts are required to go through the Physician Contracting Process, and must be in compliance with the Physician Contracts Policy and the Fair Market Value and Commercial Reasonableness Policy. If you are working on a contract with a physician or physician-owned entity, STOP and talk to the Business Manager for your site. This will typically be the Director or Vice President of Operations, who will work on your request with both your site’s Accountable Leader and the Contract Manager responsible for your site.

Pharmacy Services - Pharmacy Contracts

All pharmaceutical contracts are handled centrally by the Fairview Pharmacy Services supply chain team located at 711 Kasota Avenue SE.  All requests for new pharmaceutical vendor accounts and pharmaceutical drug access should be directed to the Director of Pharmacy Supply Chain.

Revenue Management - Payer Contracts

Managed care is a complex system of plans and organizations that integrate the financing and delivery of appropriate health care services to covered individuals using the following elements: arrangements with selected providers to furnish a comprehensive set of health care services to members explicit standards for the selection of health care providers formal programs for ongoing quality assurance and utilization review significant financial incentives for members to use providers and procedures associated with the plan The most common types of Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) include: Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPOs)

Real Estate Management - Construction and Remodeling Projects

Real Estate is responsible for the Fairview’s real estate portfolio (what we have), asset (what it costs) and transaction (tenant, landlord, buy or sell) management. A contract example may include a lease agreement for a new clinic. System Operations is responsible for Fairview’s facilities and related project & construction management agreements. Contract examples may include: new construction option agreements and purchase/sale agreements For more information on new construction and projects, click HERE or contact Fairview Real Estate & Project Management.

Purchased Services - Consulting Services, Clinical Services, Purchased Services

Purchased Services are services provided by third parties at Fairview Health Systems facilities. Examples: Elevator Preventative Maintenance Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Moving & Storage Yoga Classes

Supply Chain - Supply, Equipment, Equipment Services

All contracts for supply, equipment, or equipment services are negotiated, entered into I:Manage, and then managed by the Supply Chain Contracting team. Full list of Contract Specialists’ assignments is listed HERE.

Vendor Clinical Services - Non-physician Services

Vendor Provided Clinical Services are non-physician services provided directly to Fairview patients by third-party vendors. Examples: Dialysis Services Perfusion and Related Services Ambulance Transport Reference Laboratories, Mobile Imaging Services, Interpreter Services
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