Driving Meeting Productivity: 50/25-Minute Meetings

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Productivity

One strategy to enhance the productivity of meetings is to implement the 50/25-minute meeting rule – if a meeting typically lasts 60 minutes, reduce it to 50 minutes; if the meeting typically runs 30 minutes, shorten it to 25 minutes.

Beyond shorter meetings times, the 50/25-minute meeting rule has a number of benefits:

  • It keeps meetings sharp and on-task.
  • We can accomplish just as much in a 50/25-minute meeting as we do in a 60/30-minute meeting.
  • We regain valuable time that allows us to accomplish something in between meetings – checking emails, asking a colleague a question about a project, taking a short break {link to break post}, travel time to your next meeting.

If you accomplish all you need to accomplish in less than 50/25 minutes, end the meeting early!

While, everyone can benefit from the 50/25-minute meeting rule, it is especially beneficial for those who have back-to-back meetings. It provides these people a much-needed break during their busy days.

Give 50/25-minute meetings a try to see if they work for your team!


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