Culturally Competent Care Resources

“Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit.” – Jawaharlal Nehru 

We recognize that each person is different and valuable.

Through initiatives across M Health Fairview, we help people understand and value these differences and similarities to best work together to meet the needs of the  patients and communities we serve. The resources below will help expand knowledge on cross-cultural behaviors, practices, and communication.
Cultural Development Opportunities

OD&L is committed to continuing to expand our cultural development opportunities. Check back often for updated content.

Personal Development Webinar: Build Your Cultural Intelligence

As one of the topics of M Health Fairview’s personal development webinars, Build Your Cultural Intelligence will help you define what cultural intelligence is, heighten cross-cultural awareness, and adapt to grow and gain cultural competence. Information can be accessed on our Development Webinars page. 

Culturally Competent Care Classes & Videos

The Equity and Inclusion team can assist you and your team with additional Culturally Competent Care classes and videos information upon request.

Some topics include:

⚹ Cross-Cultural Conflict
⚹ Religion in the Patient Care Setting
⚹ Cross-Cultural Communications

For more information, contact ODL@Fairview.org 


Fairview LMS Resources

M Health Fairview’s Learning Management System (LMS) currently provides cultural competency resources that are accessible to all employees.

⚬ Culturally Competent Care: Understanding Cross Cultural Differences in HealthCare

⚬ Cultural Competency in the Care of International Patient – Arab

⚬ Deaf Culture for Providers and Staff

⚬ Don’t Call Me Honey (Speed Dating with Community Members – Hearing the Voices of Older Patients, Families, and Community Members) (video)

⚬ Teach Back Method

⚬ Transgender Health 101 (video)

⚬ Transgender Health 101 – Journey Transitions and Care

⚬ Delivering Value Drive Care to Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Patients (part of Mandatory Annual Education)

HealthEast LMS Resources

HealthEast employees have access to the following LMS offerings via the HealthEast Learning Portal:

Equitable Care: Managing a Diverse Workforce

Multilingual & Refugee Health Materials

Health Resources Exchange Database is a collaboration amongst various partners to share multilingual health materials. You can search for translated materials by topic or language. Access this resource here and enter the following login information:

Login name: fair

Password: view

The Minnesota Health Department has health resources available specific to refugees. You can access those resources on their website.

Cultural Greetings

These resources are a just-in-time tool for our care providers and staffs, who want to learn, connect and build a cross-cultural relationship through preference languages of patients and families.

Culture Care Connection

Culture Care Connection is an online resource center for health care providers, frontline staff, and administrators. Stratis Health, a Minnesota based organization developed these Culturally Competent Care online materials for Minnesota’s diverse demographics. Visit their website to access valuable resources.

Employees Resource Groups (ERGs)

In 2019, M Health Fairview kicked off Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups that are formed based on shared purpose around life experiencesidentities or interests. ERGs foster an inclusive people-driven culture and promote action in service to our communities, our patients, and our people.

Visit the ERG website to learn more about Employee Resource Groups and the resources they provide.



Transgender Healthcare Summit Resources

In April 2018, M Health Fairview co-sponsored a Transgender Healthcare Summit with The Rainbow Health Initiative and The University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital. The day was deigned to provide education about transgender healthcare needs, including primary and preventative care, surgical options, and mental health considerations. Below are some resources from the summit.

Transgender Healthcare Summit Brochure

Personal Gender Pronouns

MN LGBTQ Standards of Inclusion

Family Tree Case Study

Trans Health – SOC, Care Guidlines and Educational Resources

Standards of Inclusion – Rainbow Health

Standards of Care – WPATH

LGBTQ Resource Guide

Gender Care Through Life Span – Dr Foss

EHR and Health of patients who are transgender – Dr Sonja Short

Creating Intersectional Policies

Creating Intersectional Policies

Collecting SOGI data

2017 Voice of Health Snapshot

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