Written by Dave Skansberg, Director, Rehabilitation Services

Developing your employees’ leadership skills reminds them of their importance to the work of the organization and assists them in serving patients and their family members. The ultimate goal is an increased focus on advancing our strategic priorities. This focus creates alignment and reduces time and energy spent on activities that do not add value.

High performing employees are always looking for opportunities to improve their effectiveness through skill building and training. Your assistance in creating the opportunity for them to learn and grow builds their engagement. As they develop, they will start to see additional ways that they are making a difference to support our mission, vision, and strategy.

How can you help your leaders develop their leadership skills? Here are three ways you can help develop your team:

1) Create a specific plan for each employee or a team to focus on teaching new skills, one strategy at a time. For example, a supervisor may not have had much exposure with financial measurement. Focus on helping them develop the skills and training they need to lead this area for their team. Provide information yourself, connect them with someone in the organization who has the skills and knowledge, and provide them with educational resources. Then move on another strategy, like employee engagement.

2) Consider having a book or article club. Provide the book/article to the team and set up time for a guided discussion on what they learned and how it applies to your department and the organization.

3) Encourage people to attend the leadership courses offered by our OD&L team. Check out the Development Classes & Webinars intranet page to see what’s available.

We are interested in hearing what you do to develop your staff. Please leave a comment with your successes!