Mentorship Program

The Fairview mentorship program is a mutually beneficial partnership, with the mentor and mentee sharing knowledge and experiences that assist the mentee in achieving their goals through empowerment, self-discovery, and connections within our system.
How Does the Mentorship Program Work?

Mentors and mentees sign up and are matched via an application in Talent Connect. Once a relationship is established mentors and mentees meet monthly over a 6-month period.

Program Eligibility

To join the program, you will need meet the following requirements:

  • Be a people leader.
  • Your most recent performance review rating must be “Meets Expectations” or greater.
  • You have been in your position for longer than 6 months.


If you have a question about eligibility, please email for assistance.


Watch the Mentorship Program Overview video to learn more! (6 minutes)

Be a Mentor!

As a mentor, not only can you expect to feel deeply satisfied knowing you made a positive difference in someone’s life, but you can also develop yourself through learning about and supporting someone else in their aspirations. Mentors are expected to empower and encourage someone who is looking for your expertise, perspective, and support.

Be a Mentee!

As a mentee, we encourage you to have a clear goal or outcome for your mentoring experience. Be prepared to share and discuss your goals with your mentor. Expect to challenge yourself during this time and stretch outside your comfort zone.

Key Resources

Review the following four key resources linked in the buttons below:


We encourage you to sign up to be a mentor and mentee!

Additional Resources
The resource below demonstrates the overall roadmap from start to finish for the mentorship program. You can click on the image to open and download.

Mentorship Program Roadmap

The following document outlines the match criteria found in the mentorship application. You can click on the image to open and download.
Mentorship Program Match Criteria

The infographic below provides an overview of the mentoring relationship including mentor and mentee best practices and suggested activities. You can click on the image to open and download.

The art of the mentoring relationship