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What is coaching?


Coaching is a confidential 1:1 relationship between a coach and client. OD&L’s certified coaches are trained to work with a client to first examine current beliefs, skills, and behaviors.  Using a customized approach, a coaching plan is established to then refine, strengthen, and develop new beliefs, skills, and behaviors.

OD&L’s Coaching Program is a partnership in which strategies are explored to enhance overall leadership effectiveness and impact.

Coaching is a talent management imperative to develop high potential talent. It fosters individual growth via a thought-provoking and creative process based on the client’s coaching goals.


OD&L’s coaches are certified and have a passion for supporting organizational strategies and helping other’s achieve personal and professional success.



Once selected into the Coaching Program, the coach and clients meet monthly over a 6 month period. During those meetings, a coaching plan is established to support the client in achieving his/her goals. A variety of tools and techniques are used, including self-reflection, assessments, and experimentation all with the goal of moving toward new outcomes and possibilities.



Following a readiness assessment and selection into the coaching program, individuals receive a welcome packet from their coach with materials and information to review.  Once completed, an initial meeting is set up to ensure a good fit between the coach and client.

The coaching program is 6 months long, with the agenda driven by the client in support of his or her coaching goals.

During each session the Coach will focus on :

  • Self-reflection on successes and challenges
  • Active listening
  • Action steps toward achievement of coaching goal

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