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Executive Coaching


M Health Fairview offers system-wide Executive Coaching services for Executives, Physician Leaders, and system-level Vice Presidents and Directors.  We are utilizing a preferred vendor model for these services, providing you with a choice that “best fits” your coaching needs.  Leadership isn’t easy and an effective coach can help a leader identify strengths, opportunities, blind spots, and strategies for development. 

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If you are interested in Executive Coaching, complete the Consultation Request form. Every Tuesday the OD&L team reviews and assigns request. By Thursday, someone from OD&L will reach out to you to discuss your options.

During your consultation with OD&L we will walk you through the two coaching organizations you have to choose from.  Each have their own unique approach to Executive Development. We will assist in connecting you to these organizations. You will make the final decision on which best fits your needs.

You will then meet with your coach and start to build a relationship.  Your coach will be there to support and challenge you as you work on specific development goals.  OD&L will continue to check-in and make sure you are getting the support you need.