A DIY Approach to Leader & Team Development

What is Leader As Teacher (LAT)?

The LAT approach embraces and reinforces the fact that some of our greatest assets, as an organization, are the skills and knowledge possessed by the leaders and our team members. LAT is grounded in the need and desire of leaders to directly develop the skills and knowledge of their teams. LAT lessons equip all leaders to personally lead the development of their direct-report team using pre-designed content, presentations, and resources.

All tools and resources have been created using adult-learning principles combined with strategies that can be applied immediately to assist you in developing and creating immediate actions.


Each LAT session provides content, resources and team-discussion on a specific topic.  These topics have been curated based on the importance to all leadership roles as well as importance to fulfilling organizational strategies.  Here is how it works:

  • Lessons range in length from 45 minutes to 2 hours, but most are closer to 90 minutes. These lessons are meant to be delivered as a part of either a standard meeting, or as a dedicated gathering focused on development.
  • Each department/team leader is responsible for leading the session for their direct reports, utilizing the tools and resources provided and other resources as needed.
    • Need a little support or help in preparation?  Don’t worry, we are just a phone call away.  Each leader will have a preparation call with an OD&L team member to review the resources and talk through the approach.


While each LAT session is designed to look and feel a little different based on the topic, all sessions will include the following resources:

  • Topic Overview: Think of this as a summary for the event that you can share with your teams ahead of time. This can include pre-reading, a message of intent/importance, etc.
  • Topic Content: Each leader will receive a ‘facilitator’s guide’ for the session that will include recommended talking points, activities, and discussion questions (say/do/ask), as well as support resources in the form of presentations or handouts.
  • Development Activity: These sessions are designed to engage your leaders in advancing and applying the concepts you present. Each lesson will have a minimum of one activity dedicated to aligning your team on the topic at hand.
  • Action Steps: These recommended steps help move you and the team from great idea to great action.
  • Resources: These can include articles, eLearning, case studies, videos, etc. used to support the content before or after the session.



The first thing you need to do is choose the LAT Lesson that best meets your leadership team’s needs. Below, you’ll see a list of available topics. Check back frequently as these topics will grow over time.

Complete the LAT request at the bottom of the page, and you will be contacted by a member of the OD&L team to discuss your needs, review the topics, and talk through the process of utilizing the lessons.

LAT: AIDET – Creating an Exceptional Experience
This session is designed to teach AIDET – a powerful communication tool that we will use to help create consistent and exceptional experiences for our customers. Participants will draw a connection between AIDET and enhanced outcomes for our organization and the customers we serve. In addition to practicing the mechanics behind the tool, participants will learn how to enhance and tailor their AIDET through authentic and genuine communication with their customers.


  • Impact of AIDET
  • Fairview’s Opportunity
  • Mechanics of AIDET
  • The Art of AIDET
  • Bringing AIDET to Life
  • Expectations for Use 
LAT: Repositioning Our Health Care System
This session will help align all our teams to our new Operating Model and Fairview Commitments. It is an interactive educational experience which dives into details and promotes understanding of our operating model and the commitments. You will first take part in this exercise with your own leader, before bringing the experience to your own team.


  • Current realities
  • Service Line Operating Model
  • Implementing Service Lines at Fairview
  • Making the Change
  • Fairview Commitments


LAT: Leading Through Restructures
This session is designed to prepare leadership teams in identifying how they will lead through the restructure process and how they will lead during that process.   Topics include creating an environment that minimizes fear, maintaining and promoting engagement throughout the process, and leadership commitments.   The team leader will guide a discussion about what is most important in leading through a restructure and assist in developing an action plan that will align the work and achieve results.


  • Session Purpose and Guiding Principles
  • Impact of Restructures and Integrations
  • Focusing Our Leadership
    • Leader Skills Needed During Restructures
    • Leadership Adaptability
  • Focused Communication
    • Managing Transitions
  • Identified Leadership Needs
    • Leadership Actions
    • Action Plan
LAT: Leading Through Change
This session is designed to be a working session for you and your leadership team to review core change management principles, develop a strategy for implementing change, and begin to outline the tactics needed to begin change in the business unit.  The session will utilize information contained in three online leadership modules (An Overview for Leaders, Communicating During Change, Leading Through Change) as a foundation to the team collectively building their change plan.


  • Session Purpose and Guiding Principles
  • Change Management Overview
    • Leading Through Change
    • Change Leadership Skills
    • Kotter’s Change Steps
  • Transitioning Through Change
  • Communicating Change
  • Resources
  • Action Plan
LAT: Rebuilding Teams, Building Culture
This session is designed to assist leadership teams in developing an action plan to rebuild their teams and shape the culture after a restructure or other team disruption. The session focus is on creating a stable, productive and engaged workplace.


  • Impact of Disruption
  • Addressing Disruptions
  • Build the Foundation
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Action Plan
LAT: Sustaining Engagement
Leaders have a key role in sustaining engagement with their teams through intentional, timely and honest assessment of team engagement. This session is designed to assist your leadership team in understanding sustainable engagement, understanding your role as a leader and developing a plan to sustain your team’s engagement.


  • Employee Engagement
  • Sustained Engagement
  • Leader Reactions to Survey Results
  • Taking Action on Survey Results
  • Action Plan
LAT: Building Trust
Trust is a vital part component of high employee engagement, retention and productivity. It is the foundation for organizational stability and success. In this session, leaders will discuss the behaviors that build trust and develop a plan to increase trust in their business unit.


  • Defining trust
  • Identifying trust in our teams
  • The qualities of trust
  • Evaluating our trust supporting behaviors
  • Action Plan
LAT: Adaptive Leadership
This lesson is designed to introduce leaders to the concept of adaptive leadership. Leaders will learn to identify the difference between technical challenges and adaptive challenges and develop skills in addressing challenges that are adaptive.


  • Defining Adaptive Leadership
  • Technical versus Adaptive Work
  • Adaptive Leadership Activities
    • Observe
    • Interpret
    • Intervene
  • Adaptive Leadership Challenges
  • Action Plan
LAT: Building Team Accountability
Apply best practices of accountability to the way we lead, to hold ourselves and our team members accountable. Norm on what accountability means for our teams and develop an action plan that builds trust and creates sustained accountability.


  • Accountability Overview
  • Accountability Assessment
  • Building Accountability
  • Action Plan
LAT: Effective Delegation
This session assists leadership teams in identifying the benefits of delegation in their business unit and builds a consistent delegation strategy.


  • Delegation Mindset
  • Assess Our Delegation Skills
  • When to Delegate
  • SPOC Delegation Model
  • Action Plan

Are you ready to take the next exciting step in developing your team?  Request a lesson below and a member of the OD&L team will be in touch in the next 2-3 days.