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Our Team Development Sessions are designed to engage learners while providing practical and actionable tips that will increase team effectiveness and develop team members, both personally and professionally. These 50-minute classes are delivered ‘off-the-shelf” by a Training Consultant from the Organizational Development & Learning team.
Cultural Intelligence

Cultural intelligence is a skill that can enhance individual’s capability to move fluidly and work successfully with different customs and cultures. Through this highly interactive and relational experience, teams will gain a greater understanding of their role in diverse situations and will learn how to develop tools for establishing and maintaining stronger relationship to promote professional success.

Key Learning Points

  1. Gain understanding to define cultural intelligence, what culture is and how it functions in our lives
  2. Heighten cross-culture awareness and celebrate cross-cultural knowledge awareness
  3. Identify the 3 Dimensions related to Human Behaviors
  4. Adapt to grow and gain cultural competence through the Wheel of Cultural Intelligence
Understanding Implicit Bias

This session will help learners see how implicit bias and microaggressions impact our patients, our customers, and each other. Through clear definitions, thorough explanation of how implicit biases are formed, and cause-and-effect case studies, learners will leave this session with an awareness of their own implicit biases, as well as how these biases may be expressed as micro-messages. This session will provide guidance for participants as they work to determine what their individual implicit biases are, how they are formed, and how they can address them.

Key Learning Points:

  • All of us have implicit biases that are expressed in our daily lives, often without us noticing.
  • These biases are formed unconsciously, influenced by many factors, including our experiences, our environment, and our sense of self.
  • Microaggressions that are a result of implicit bias can negatively impact our patients and each other, often leading to poor health outcomes and loss of employee engagement.
  • Awareness is the first step to addressing implicit bias.

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