The Fairview Commitments help guide our behaviors in order to achieve our mission and vision. 

These Commitments are directly connected to the high value we place on caring for our customers, one another and continuously improving our work.

The Fairview Commitments are grounded in two key principles:

Respect for People

We acknowledge, embrace and empower the people we serve and work with in our organization. We relentlessly respect people’s ability to think, develop and problem solve while honoring the value each individual brings. The term people is all-inclusive of everyone with whom we may work: patients, customers, families, guests, vendors, external partners and each other.

Continuous Improvement

It is up to all of us to continually solve problems, improve our work, and meet the needs of our patients, customers, communities and each other. Fostering a mindset of continuous improvement allows us to achieve results today and prepare for tomorrow.

As a Fairview employee, I…

Create an Exceptional Experience
I work to exceed expectations in every interaction with patients, families, guests, customers, teams and each other.

Honor Relationships
I value the unique perspective of every person and build and maintain authentic relationships.

Communicate Intentionally
I proactively use direct, transparent and adaptive communication in all interactions.

Engage and Inspire
I create and sustain high levels of energy and pride while seizing opportunities to influence the future of our health system.

Commit to Development
I push myself and support others to continuously learn, apply and develop personally and professionally.

Collaborate for Outcomes
Whether it is with a customer or a peer, I recognize that we are better together and collaborate to share goals, knowledge and expertise to drive outcomes.

Set and Hold Standards
I set standards and hold myself and others accountable to those standards.

Identify and Solve Problems
I make problems visible and actively work to solve them.

Achieve Results
I drive for measurable results and make an effort to overcome obstacles.

Seek Perfection
I continuously pursue excellence.

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