Leadership Development at M Health Fairview

Focus on your professional development to enable greater engagement, adaptability, resiliency and innovation as you lead your team at M Health Fairview.  

Leadership Development at M Health Fairview is made up of an ecosystem of experiences, relationships and learnings that allow for the growth and development of every individual. 

A thriving ecosystem is one in which all members of the system contribute to the vitality and sustainability of the larger system.  

Organizational Development and Learning is here to support you as you create your personal ecosystem of professional development. This ecosystem follows the 70/20/10 model of development with 70% of a person’s development occurring directly within their work environment, 20% from professional relationships and 10% from formal development offerings. 

Our offerings will take leaders from Purpose to Ownership to Mastery, as you evolve your skills using the 70/20/10 model.  


Announcing the New Mentorship Program!

The Fairview mentorship program is a mutually beneficial partnership, with the mentor and mentee sharing knowledge and experiences that assist the mentee in achieving their goals through empowerment, self-discovery, and connections within our system. 

The program is currently open to people leaders. You can sign up to be a mentor and/or mentee via a short application in Talent Connect. 

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Learn more about becoming a mentor and mentee, program details, and how to sign up!

Leadership Level Up Series

Looking to take your leadership skills to the next level?

The Leadership Level Up series gives M Health Fairview leaders the opportunity to create their own development path.

Courses are on-demand and self-paced, allowing you to choose topics focused on the leadership skills YOU want to develop. 

Each course includes:

  • An online module with video that should take about 10-15 minutes to complete
  • A reflection and action guide that helps you incorporate what you’ve learned into your everyday work at M Health Fairview


Leadership Level Up: Focus on WHY

In this course you’ll learn why a common purpose is important for successful teams. You will also learn how to create a WHY for your team.

You’ll learn how great leaders INSPIRE action by articulating the WHY – the purpose or belief behind what their teams do every day.

Leadership Level Up: Leader vs. Manager

In this course, you’ll learn the behavior shift necessary to go from “manager” to “leader” and what it means to be a leader versus a manager. You will watch a short video and complete two exercises to help you put what you learned into the context of your own work. 


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Leadership Level Up: Connect to Create Team Effectiveness

Learn how strong social connections help teams work more effectively and how you can encourage your team to connect with each other.

You will complete an activity to analyze your own working relationships and create a plan to help your team build connections.


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Leadership On-Demand Learning


These Leadership courses are available on our website 24/7, providing an opportunity for you to learn and develop at your pace.  

Are you looking to plan a team discussion based on one of our on-demand courses? Download this resource: Team Discussion Guide – Bringing Learning to Life to help you organize and lead your team discussion. 

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Lead Organizational Change

We want our employees to have the skills, support, and confidence to make transformational changes. Our framework of tools and processes can help you proactively manage change, and help our organization become more agile and better equipped to sustain change.

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Facilitate Team Development

The LAT approach embraces and reinforces the fact that some of our greatest assets, as an organization, are the skills and knowledge possessed by the leaders and our team members. LAT is grounded in the need and desire of leaders to directly develop the skills and knowledge of their teams. LAT lessons equip all leaders to personally lead the development of their direct-report team using pre-designed content, presentations, and resources.

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Build Executive Leadership Skills

M Health Fairview offers system-wide Executive Coaching services for Executives, Physician Leaders, and system-level Vice Presidents and Directors.  We are utilizing a preferred vendor model for these services, providing you with a choice that “best fits” your coaching needs.  Leadership isn’t easy and an effective coach can help a leader identify strengths, opportunities, blind spots, and strategies for development. 

New Leader Onboarding

At M Health Fairview, we believe in investing in our new leaders, whether they’re new to the organization or have been promoted to a new role. That’s why we designed a program to set new leaders, with direct reports, up for success in their new role.

New Leader Onboarding (NLO) is a program designed to create a strong foundation for new leaders at M Health Fairview. This virtual 10-week, 5-session program will prepare new leaders to lead according to M Health Fairview’s standards and organizational priorities. Participants will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other new leaders through assigned cohorts. They’ll also discuss what they’re learning with their 1 up leaders.

New leaders will emerge from this program with an understanding of what it means to lead at M Health Fairview and the confidence they need to be successful.

Manage for Performance

As a learning organization, our philosophy is to regularly engage team members to create a strong continuous feedback loop to coach, learn, and recognize performance. Below are the four elements of performance management at M Health Fairview, all supported by Talent Connect, our performance management system.

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Transformational Leadership - Insights

Being an effective leader begins with self-awareness. By utilizing a Insights Discovery Transformational Leadership profile you will learn more about your leadership style based on your personal preferences of the Insights color energies.  How your unique composition of preferences impacts how you lead.  Discover Insights 8 dimensions of leadership and the strengths and challenges of each dimension while considering the dimensions you’re most and least effective in.  Learn about transformational leadership and gain skills and understanding around leading effectively at the individual, team and organizational level.


Accelerate Team Development

Team Discussion Guides are tools designed to equip leaders to personally lead the development of their direct-report team using pre-designed content, tools and resources.

Team Discussion Guides are created by using adult-learning principles combined with strategies that can be applied immediately to assist you in developing and creating immediate actions.

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Create Inclusive Environments

There are many differences and similarities among our employees and patients that affect how we live and work together. Equity and Inclusion comprise all these differences and similarities including race, ethnicity, primary language, age, size, gender, gender identity, physical capability, sexual orientation, tenure, spiritual belief, job level and more.

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