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As a learning organization, our philosophy is to regularly engage team members to create a strong continuous feedback loop to coach, learn, and recognize performance. Below are the four elements of performance management at Fairview, all supported by Talent Connect, our performance management system.

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Performance Review Milestones

Performance Review Season is here! What do employees and leaders need to do to complete their reviews?

Check out the resources below to understand your Performance Review responsibilities and locate the user guides available for support.

Performance Review Milestones Video

Performance Review Milestones Infographic



Performance Reviews are due March 31, 2022. This may seem far away but thinking ahead through potential obstacles now,  can save you time and stress later.

 This checklist below includes actions leaders can take to make the performance review process easier.

Leader Performance Review Planning Checklist




SMART Goal Leader Discussion Guide: Leaders can use this to engage their teams in a discussion about setting individual development goals using the SMART model.

  Entering Goals in Talent Connect: Your step-by-step guide for entering & cascading goals in Talent Connect.

  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Goal: Ideas for taking action to complete your DE&I development goal.



 Performance Management Rating Descriptions: A breakdown of ratings and what they mean in each of the three areas.

 Performance Management Feedback On-Demand Course: This course will help leaders learn how to provide positive and constructive feedback.



360 Feedback Form: Use this standard form to gather development feedback from multiple perspectives for the performance review or anytime during the year.

360 Feedback Philosophy Expectations and FAQs: This guide highlights what you need to know about 360 Feedback: philosophy, expectations and FAQs.

Talent Connect Leader Resource Guide: Looking for guidance on completing a performance review form or entering goals? This resource guide will walk you through everything you need to do in Talent Connect.

Talent Connect Employee Resource Guide: This guide breaks down everything employees need to know, including the performance evaluation and ratings scale, how to access Talent Connect, steps for entering goals, and the performance management Acknowledgement process.

Performance Management FAQs for Leaders: These FAQs can help provide answers and guidance to leaders regarding performance reviews, Talent Connect, and more.

Performance Management FAQs for Employees: These FAQs answer employees’ questions about performance ratings and the review process.


Performance Review Form Template Use this template to start completing performance review forms. Then, simply cut and paste into Talent Connect.

Self Evaluation Template Although a self-evaluation isn’t required, you can use this template if you’d like to complete one.


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