Manage performance and development like a boss.

We believe performance and development management starts on day 1. To help us maximize our performance management process, we use an online system called Talent Connect, which allows you to set and manage goals that can be updated and tracked throughout the year. It’s also where leaders will capture and summarize their employee’s yearly accomplishments and opportunities.


Use the tabs below to learn about managing performance, setting goals, and all the resources and tools available.

What Leaders Need to Know NOW:

The 2020 Performance Management Forms are available in Talent Connect as of October 8, 2020.

The annual performance management process for all employees should be completed by February 19, 2021. That includes manager rating in all three areas, 1-on-1 performance conversations, and employee acknowledgement) for all employees must be completed by February 19, 2021.

Because of the uniqueness of this year, many teams have not set organizational goals for 2020. Please follow the guidance in the Entering Goals in Talent Connect job aid to set and cascade a simple, generic organizational goal(s) for 2020. If you have already set organizational goals, please rate your employees on those.

Manage performance and development like a boss.

Resource Guides 

Talent Connect Leader Resource GuideLooking for guidance on completing a performance review form or entering goals? This resource guide will walk you through everything you need to do in Talent Connect. 


Talent Connect Employee Resource Guide: This guide breaks down everything employees need to know, including the performance evaluation and ratings scale, how to access Talent Connect, steps for entering goals, and the performance management Acknowledgement process. 


Click on any of the tabs below to find additional resources that will help you navigate the performance management process. 

Entering Goals in Talent Connect: Your step-by-step guide for entering & cascading goals in Talent Connect.

Goals Reporting for Leaders: A guide for leaders on pulling and viewing reports showing progress to goals.

SMART Goal Team Discussion Guide: Leaders can use this to engage their teams in a discussion about setting individual development goals using the SMART model.


Performance Review Form Template: Use this template to start completing performance review forms. Then, simply cut and paste into Talent Connect.

Performance Management Rating Descriptions: A break down of ratings and what they mean in each of the three areas.

Performance Management Feedback: A helpful guide for leaders on giving and receiving feedback.

Self-Evaluation Template: Although a self-evaluation isn’t required, you can use this template if you’d like to complete one.

In 2020, we’re welcoming to our colleagues at Range and Ebenezer to Talent Connect! Here are some additional resources you may find useful.  

Own Your Success: Performance Management Information Video (4 min): This short video for employees helps clarify their role in their development and the three areas in which they are evaluated and rated.

Developing Performance – Everything to Know About Performance Management: A PowerPoint presentation on Performance Reviews, Goals, and the Talent Connect System.


Please note:  Ebenezer is an affiliate of MHealth Fairview and therefore, Ebenezer employees follow the Fairview Commitments which help guide our behaviors in order to achieve our mission and vision.

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